Vinyl Monogram - Sassy

  • $10.00
Vinyl Monograms are all the rage - and how cute is this Sassy Monogram in Vinyl? These are awesome and are so handy...perfect for so many things. All you do is peel and stick on the smooth-surface of your favorite things, and WAHLAA! You have fun and super-sassy decal with those favorite initials. There are so many uses including: -cell phones -laptops -mp3 players -cups -rear windshield of your car -golf cart -picture frames -serving trays -furniture -walls - SO CUTE! -tote bags or any bag that's smooth like oilcloth -water bottles -and so many more reasons, the list goes on and on! -Waterproof -For single use...trying to move these and reapply is not recommended -You pick your favorite color vinyl and size of vinyl monogram PLUS you can pick a border -These usually ship out in a week...sorry, no gift wrap but we can gladly include a gift note