Plush Sleeping Bags by Swankie Blankie -Several Patterns!

  • $84.99
  • $105.00

Swankie Blankie Sleeping Bags are so cute! Plush is understatement when it comes to these super-soft, top of the line, cozy sleeping bags by Swankie Blankie! These are so nice and so sassy with their decadent fabrics. We have never felt such soft and yummy fabrics for any sleeping bags on the market today. Each comes in the adorable drawstring bag for easy carrying. The sleeping bags roll up simply and then put in the bag for easy storage too. The sleeping bag zips on the bottom near the feet all the way up to one side and then about 12" is left for easy in and out.

  • Size: Approximately 54" long x 28" wide.
  • Machine wash gentle and tumble dry low.
  • You pick your favorite print and if you would like it monogrammed we can do so for $10. You can have it monogrammed at the foot of the bag either straight across the bottom or diagonal at the bottom. We will use a coordinating thread to really make it pop on the bag. Monogramming does ad 4-10 days to your order.
  • If you want initials instead of a name, please put them in the EXACT order you want them to appear. We put the middle letter larger in the middle - so Katy Ann Smith with appear kSa and you would need to make sure you type the in that order so that it comes out correctly. If you want the letters all the same height, then for Katy Ann Smith you would type KAS. These are absolutely the cutest and most high quality sleeping bags we have found and are simply in love with them.

They are just yummy and soft and we can't way enough good things about them! We know your little one would snuggle up to these and never want to let go.