Personalized Phone Stand / Easel

  • $25.00

What cute Personalized Phone Stands / Easels for your beloved iPhone, Galaxy, iPod Touch & more. Now your phone has a home! Great for your house or office, now your phone has a place to stand up, charge and look great all at the same time. Plus, this sits up your phone so you can see who's calling or watch something so much easier. We just love these - we use these at our own homes - in the kitchen, bathroom counter and home office areaThese are perfect to keep on any counter, table, dresser, etc so that your phone doesn't get damaged by any water or spills on your table top. And they are perfect for travel as they easily collapse flat. These are must-have's and they are so stylish!

There is space at the bottom for your charging cord. It measures approximately 6.77" x 3" and has two pieces that are easy to assemble and take apart, making it ideal for keeping in your purse or for use when traveling. Choose from our wide selection of patterns to create a unique look for your phone stand.

Back of both pieces is black. You can fit small cell phones - and large. The photos that we show that have 2 stands have an iPhone 6Plus on one of the stands. So any size phone will fit. We did try an iPad and it will knock over the you can't put a tablet. Possilby an iPad mini or small kindle. We are coming out with a larger tablet stand that you can buy very soon! YAY!