iPhone 5/5s Folding Wallet-Style Case

  • $29.99
  • $38.00

What a cute Monogrammed Folding iPhone 5/5s Wallet Style Phone Case! These are so nice for those of you who want to put an ID and credit card AND your phone in one case and go! These are small, cute and designed by you....a great way to carry around your beloved iPhone 5/5s.

Case folds and the strap closes snug with a hidden magnet

Camera hole in back so you can still take photos

There is a hard plastic snap-in section where you put in your phone to hold it to the wallet. This hard plastic piece covers the sides of your phone.

2 card/id holder slots on inside left of case.

Black fabric trims the case and inside (so think about your color choices to go with black.)

Very handy to quickly go in stores and places where you simply want to carry your phone and id/credit card and no purse. Or place this inside your purse for easy access.

We will say that this case is best when you are not going to be on the phone a ton...due to the folding style. You can talk on your phone with it...by simply folding backwards that front side of the wallet. It may be best suited to use as we said on quick outings and when you may need to check email/text as holding this to your ear all the time could be a little hard to manage for long periods. We could totally see if you are out to dinner, at church or somewhere where you just need to have your phone but may not have it up to your ear all the time a big help. Its a super-cute case for sure!