Flirty Floral Xtreme Tough Cases for iPhones 4/5/6

  • $39.99
  • $62.00

Personalized Floral iPhone Tough Cases are so cute! These are custom created by YOU with your favorite colors, pattern and font. We have been testing this case and dropped it many, many times...its gotten splashed, rolled down hills, slobbered on by a baby, and it hasn't skipped a beat - and our beloved iPhone is fully in tact! It even protects from wind, rain & dust too! This case rocks! And we love that it has a clear cover over the print, so you can't scratch your design. It truly gives your phone full coverage front and back...we are just so please with this reasonably priced, custom tough case and know you will love it too!

***Many customers ask us how these compare to Otterbox. Here's our take: the proteciton is equivalent to an Otterbox Defender since these cover all the way around your phone on all sides. The thickness of case for iPhone 6/6s and 5/5s is comparable to the Defenders also. The iPhone 4/4s Tough Cases have more of the black rubber part than the 5's and 6's. We LOVE these cases...they are easy to grip and don't slip around in your hand or out of bags as easy as Defenders. They are very reasonably priced for such an awesome case - we have dropped ours many, many, many times on concrete and everywhere - no damage to case or phone. LOVE THESE!

  • Please allow about 7-10 days before it ships
  • Case-Mate Brand XTreme TOUGH Case - amazing!
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Impact-resistant PolyCore hard outer shell
  • Shock-absorbing DuoFlex interior liner
  • Protects against: shock/drop, wind/rain, sand/dust, and vibration
  • Textured exterior for enhanced grip
  • Slim profile adds style, not bulk
Custom design your Personalized iPhone Tough Case by Case-Mate today!