Clear Zip Cosmetic Bag with Pink Floral Band

  • $16.50

What cute Personalized Clear Zip Cosmetic Bags for Girls & Women! These are so handy ALL the time as you can see exactly what you have. We show you photos of the clear cosmetic bag with suncscreen, goggles & brush...also as a snack bag with juice box and snacks...another with vitamin containers......put your phone in there to protect it....and you can use for makeup and toiletries too! And, we are told that these are fabulous at NFL games and Concerts for those "purse" checks!

Even better is that we can put a vinyl monogram on the front so you can have those favorite letters out for everyone to see (and helps in case you lose it to have your name on it!) This is a must-have will soon be addicted to these personalized clear cosmetic bags!

Other use ideas:

  • crayons/craft items
  • rubber bands & bows
  • ipod touch/phone carrier
  • toiletries for travel through airports
  • makeup - lip gloss, mascara, etc - perfect for gym!
  • baby items
  • suncscreen/goggles
  • snacks
  • little cars/toys for kiddos
  • as a small wet bag for bathing suits
  • ID/Money/Phone for "purse checks" at concerts, events, etc

Size is 9.5"x 5.5" and the bottom flat piece (that helps it stand, you can see in photos the iphone 6 is laying in it) is about 3.5".

WIPE clean - you can even put in dishwasher on a light cycle...but hand washing is probably the best.