Wrist Watch - Monogrammed

  • $60.00

What fun and funky Monogrammed Wrist Watches! You get to personalize with your favorite patterns and colors to make the perfect accessory for all your day and night fashion statements. These make such wonderful gifts too!

You choose either Italian (slim) style or the Boyfriend (chunkier) style:


A dainty, feminine stretch band with a .75" face diameter / Made of Stainless Steel / Water Resistant- NOT Water Proof

1.3" face diameter / Stainless Steel / Water Resistant
This one is available with or without the seconds wheel


  • You choose either Boyfriend (chunky) style or Italian Style (slimmer)
  • These take about 3-4 weeks before they ship...please allow for this. No rushes.
  • Enter Initials in order to APPEAR
  • DO NOT use these swimming or in shower as they are not guaranteed water-proof