Chevron Stripes - Napkin Rings Set of 2

  • $21.99
  • $30.00

Monogrammed Chevron Stripes Napkin rings are fabulous! An In This Very Room exclusive item, we are so excited about these beautiful personalized napkin rings! What a fun way to set your table in get to fully customize these with your colors and initials. What's great too is, you can mix and match colors or styles for an eclectic look...or simply get a set that all matches for more of a clean look. What's neat too about these is they are sturdy and keep their shape, yet if you need to bend them for a thicker or thinner napkin, they can bend to that size. These are simply wonderful and classy, we know you will adore them!

*Total Length around is approx. 4.5"...width is about 1.5"....diameter as they arrive to you is about 1.5", but you can expand it bigger if need be. Most napkins we have tested fit as the ring arrives, but we did try thicker napkins, and so we simply adjusted the ring a little more open and it looks fabulous!

    *Please allow 1-2 weeks before these ship.

    The possibilities are endless for these custom napkin rings..the results are gorgeous no matter what you choose!

    With our Custom Nap Kinds, the possibilities are endless...the results are gorgeous no matter what you choose.