Beach Spikers to Hold Drinks!

  • $18.00

What cute Monogrammed Beach Spikers to hold your drinks in the sand! These are so awesome, we have tested these and enjoyed our drinks being safe and out of the sand while sitting in our precious spikers. They are must-haves if you plan to hit the beach - hold your water batter, canned drinks, glass bottles and more. We were so happy we could sip our drinks without sand getting in them, or the drinks tipping over - and know you will appreciate them too! What fun gifts for your girlfirends - and for weddings, hostess gifts, bachelorette party gifts, sororites and more!

{ Product Details }

• measures 12" around, vinyl, laminated wrap measures 10" around

• measures 7" in height

• waterproof, fade proof, & scratch proof design