Monogram Scalloped Acrylic Necklace - Many Colors!

  • $19.99
  • $28.00

What a cute Monogram Acrylic Necklace! These Acrylic Personalized necklaces are SO HOT right now ...and the colors are just so much fun. Pick the one that fits you best - and what a super gift too. Any girl would love to show off her initials with these super-cute necklace!\

This is a Versatile Design which can be worn in 2 ways!

  • Double Chain 18.5”
  • Single Chain 37”
  • Toggle Clasp
  • 5 cm Scalloped Acrylic Design
  • Silver Plated Chain
  • Acrylic Scallop Available in 10 Colors
  • Engraving Shown: Interlocking Font Only