Vineyard Post Square Earrings by Moon and Lola

  • $62.00

Personalized Acrylic Square Earrings by Moon and Lola are FABULOUS! These are gorgeous - you pick your preferred size and you have the most gorgeous earring to show off those favorite initials. These are stylish, sassy and look so cute on! Perfect for girls, tweens, teens, college girls, women and more. What a fun way to show off your favorite initials! Checkout all the fun monogrammed acrlyic necklaces that look fabulous too with these!

One size: 5/8"

Order of initials: Traditional monogrammed initials are ordered First initial, Last initial, and Middle or Maiden initial. However, you may choose any 1-3 letters or order of letters that you wish!

Please enter the letters in the order that you wish for them to appear from left to right. Please be advised that monograms will be made in the exact letter order in which the initials are entered and will not be rearranged.