L'Oved Baby Infant Caps - Pink, Green, Brown & Blue

  • $4.99
  • $7.00

Oh my - what an adorable little infant cap! Its a form fitting cap to go with any of these cotton basics. Little ears stay covered for added warmth and protection - get creative and pair it with any of these L'Oved baby pieces for that perfect look for your baby.Moms love that you they mix and match all the pieces to give you so many outfit combinations. We love the pink and brown and green and brown for girls...and of course the blue and brown is always classic for boys. If you don't know the sex of the baby, the green and then the green with brown is a great color set too.

We are simply enamored with this yummy line of super-soft, cozy infant wear by L'Oved Baby! These are the cutest little clothes and are so reasonably priced for being such high quality, scrumptious little outfits for baby. They are great as take-home outfits from the hospital and then to use everyday. Customers really like that these fit baby so perfectly - the cotton is so unbelievably soft with a little stretch so it fits the babies very nicely.

100% cotton.

Movie stars and Hollywood have really taken notice of this adorable L'Oved Baby line...Halle Berry herself purchased over 130 pieces from this collection. Other stars loving this line are Brooke Shields, Courtny Thorne-Smith, Milla Jovovich and so many more to mention.

You can't go wrong getting baby these precious pieces for his/her wardrobe - and be sure to use the coupon above for extra savings! Piece together your favorite combination of pants, onesies, snap shirts and pj's to make that perfect gift.