We Are Taking a Breather....

Hello Friends & Wonderful Customers,

We wanted to let you know that we have decided to take a temporary breather...and will not be selling online for the time being. Don't worry if you have an outstanding order or still need to order, we are here and are still working with local customers and online customers who contact us directly. 

Again, we are not closing, we did not go bankrupt and are not abandoning our customers :) We simply are taking a break to regroup and decipher the future of InThisVeryRoom. We adore selling personalized gifts and have been in business for 19 years...this company has been our baby and have loved it! As you all are aware, the online landscape has drastically changed and our business has evolved effectively over the years....but we have ideas in mind for even better changes and want to have time to ponder all options. Maybe it means a retail store? Maybe it means changing our product offering? We feel this can be distracting us from our daily work with customers and so we feel it necessary to pause and have time to think.   As you can imagine this is not easy...but necessary for our future. 

If you need to order, YES YOU STILL CAN. We simply are mostly working with local customers but will gladly get your order placed.  Please email us at HelpDesk@InThisVeryRoom.com. And, if you have an outstanding order from an online sale, all is good and nothing has changed. We have appreciated all of your support and can't wait to come back refreshed, focussed and excited about the future of InThisVeryRoom.

Thank you all!

Kimberly Brock