Welcome Retailers! We are so excited to have you!

To get started selling our items...we recommend you buy a handful of products to display and show your customers. We have many patterns and it may be best to narrow it down to the top say 5 you think your customers will like. This way you could order say 5 different items in those 5 prints to show examples to your customers. You can download the font chart, color chart and from the "downloads" section and you can print them for your store...and consider laminating. (We are working on in-store binder sets but they are not ready just yet.) If you need product photos, you can download them from our site or we can share a DropBox folder with you...or you can even photograph your samples to get your own fun shots to sell your items from.

There currently are no minimums. You can design your own samples for whichever items you think your customer base will love. We periodically may have sample sales that will appear under the Samples tab at top of page. If you have a special request or need help ordering samples we would love to help you so you can CONTACT US HERE.

Pricing: Our current prices are below. These can change at any time depending on our suppliers. If there is a major change in a products' price we will notify all of our wholesalers via email. Otherwise, for small changes like 50cents or $1 on an item, we wil not email everyone.

DROP SHIPPING?  Yes, we can drop ship/send your order to any address.  You simply fill in the shipping address when placing the order online.  See the related "blind shipping" note below.

Blind shipping? Our Logo DOES appear on packing slips right now...however, we hope to have this completed where no logo will appear  so you can "blind ship" to customers (meaning only your store name is on the packing slip and nothing about our store is on the packing slip.) We will update this page as soon as that is finalized. We are hoping by very end of April, if not sooner.

Our Logos on items? We do NOT put our logos on any products we manufacture.  We also do not put logos on any of the printed color charts, order forms, etc. This allows you to price these items however you please for your store..we realize many customers search online for items too - and this way they can't see it on our store for one price and yours for another price...they have no idea who manufacturers these items when you place them in your store. We want to give you that flexibility!

Shipping Costs? It all depends on the weight and items you starts around $6/$7 then goes up. We do have 3 different print facilities so it's possible that you could incur shipping from those 3 facilities. Unfortunately we can't get around this as our margins with wholesale are very slim and can't unfortunately just offer a flat rate or anything like that. We do our best to keep the shipping costs down.

Returns & Warranties: We do accept returns on defective/damaged items. However, we do not accept returns on items that the customer ordered incorrectly. PLEASE make sure your customers are giving you personalization information correctly as we are not responsible for those types of errors. This Otterbox 90 day warranty is a HUGE selling point as most of our competitors only have a 30 day warranty – so definitely use this as a selling point for customers. But, this only covers printing defects and broken cases…not any personalization errors on the customer’s part.

Our current best selling items are:

  • Otterbox Phone Cases - BEST SELLER! You should for sure offer these in your store.
  • Cuff Bracelets
  • Tablet Folios (for iPad, Kindles, etc)
  • Cutting Boards
  • Everything else sells pretty equally
  • Be sure to see our newest Napkin Rings are those are exclusive to our store & have gotten great feedback on these...especially the Chevron, those have been a hit!


Our Current best-selling prints are:

  • Everyday Patterns: Chevron Stripes, Modern Twists, Classy Twists, Zebra, Fun Chevron
  • Specialty Patterns: Rainbow Chevron, Pretty Paisley & Retro Diamonds



  1. We do not allow any sales on Etsy or eBay or Amazon.
  2. We have the right to discontinue your Wholesaler status at any time. We hope this never happens, but we do have that right in cases of infringement, etc.
  3. Retailers cannot use any of our Free Shipping or coupons we advertise on our retail site. Our margins are slim as it is and this would not allow us to be profitable on wholesale items. We are so sorry! However, we may run promos just for our wholesalers from time to watch your email for those!


Current Pricing:
If you have a customer buying a large quantity, we will gladly work with you on pricing - just let us know and we'll gladly quote you! Again, you can price these however you wish...we give you that flexibility since we do not put our logo on the products.  All we hope is that you can sell sell sell!

  • Bracelet Cuffs: $11   MSRP: $21-$28
  • Clipboards: $19  MSRP: $28+
  • Coasters - Cork Back: $17.50  MSRP: $32+
  • Cutting Boards: $20 & $26  MSRP: $36+
  • Keychains: $9.50  MSRP: $17+
  • Napkin Rings: $13/set of 2  MSRP: $28+
  • Mousepads: $10  MSPR: $20+
  • Phone Case - Otterboxes: $42 commuter, $53 defender  MSRP: $64-$72 for commuter, $78-$89 for defender
  • Tablet Sleeves: $15, $23, $27   MSRP: $28+
  • Tablet Folios: $25, $29   $45+
  • Tray - Square with Handles: $34  MSRP: $55-$68
  • Water Bottles: $14  MSRP: $28+


Questions? Please Email Us!



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